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Queen Tama's Street Sales

Queen Tama's Sales
External Services:
  • street_sales@livejournal.com
  • queen tama
Payment Information

If paying by Paypal, my e-mail address is elektrodisiac@gmail.com. If purchasing with concealed cash, let me stress, THIS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Mail is not 100% guaranteed to come through untampered with, and I do not want to be harassed if I do not receive cash due to mail tampering beyond my control. Please include with any cash or money order payments your name, and journal name so I can easily identify what products you were interested in. only. I do not accept checks for fraud prevention reasons.

Shipping Rates and Info

I will ship worldwide, however, there is a 10$ extra shipping charge to do so. Shipping rates within the USA will be determined at time of purchase, after I obtain your address and zip-code and product information. However, most shipping will be anywhere from 5-10$ USD.


I am willing to take a look at your merchandise if you are willing to make a trade. However, I will only trade if the item is of roughly equal or greater value to my item.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave feedback. Did I do a good job? Let me know. Did I spectacularly fuck up? Let me know! Feedback is important, and lets other people see and rate your credibility. Any trades/exchanges made with other selling journals will definitely have feedback left by me, so it's common courtesy to return the favor.

Address Info

I dislike putting up my address publicly on the journal, so once you know for sure what you are interested in purchasing, please e-mail me (or leave your email so that I can contact you) and give me your name, address, and items interested in.


I will usually have a set price for my items, but I am willing to haggle. See something you want, but think it's a little overpriced? Make me an offer!

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